These Nights

Long summer nights
Had me thinking
Of searching for a lot of better
Things like life
A better perspective
A positive search for a success
Get out of a struggle

Chase the dreams
That I ran out away
To reclaim
Where I last left ago
The passion
To where it began
Find a positive reasons to
Chill, to smile cause
I am trying to pursuit the happiness
Of a dream
To turned to reality
And to people myself
To a success of a known
When I thought this died
I recovered and starring
At the sky wondering how
To achieve the success i need to get
To wonderful how to
Envision the dream to reality
All I can do is wonder how
To make it possible
Cause all I can think
Is this a imaginary dream
Where do I begin
Work hard to find
The stepping stones
To this journey
Of life
Of process
The denials
The secrets
To the truth
Cause all I can do
Is dream at this time
Getting over my fears
And make this something
Out of nothing
The dream
The thoughts
The elevation
Of watching this
Take off
And get these nervous worries away


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