The SJ’s Word Corner

So this is my story blog side. After many years of searching and relentless time trying to figure things out. I honestly haven’t figured it out. I thought I would of said you were mad or crazy for that matter if you figured it out. Nobody has in all got life figured out. Take it from me. Somebody who thought I never thought where I end up being ended up down the road unexpectively. I should of been higher where i wanted to go. I felt like life has thrown me in a direction that i thought may end up in has happened. Things I used to do has now taken me to unusual places and situations never thought possible. Coming back as someone small in a industry hard workers has gotten me some kind of recognition. It gets weird because social media gets everyone noticed but writers and freelancers who have many stories to tell. Many think there are a few but there are a lot of us. Some with some attachments to others. Some building our own stories to some way kind of road. You never know who you may run into to help re-  build your story. Graciously, the story is just writing itself out. History remakes itself.


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