Learning growth- SJ’s Word Corner Part 3

I feel like that now I am getting older, I am learning stuff I didn’t know I was capable of. I am learning that there are parts of me that I never thought possible and stuff I thought I wouldn’t like, I am not enjoying. I think as we get older, those urges can change in different people. I am sure that I may be criticize about now I am talking about sex and the challenges that come with it. I think people fear to talk about this topic alot and trust me it is not “Sex & The City”. There are a lot of fearful people to talk about what they do about closed doors They fear that they would be called sluts or whores by having some kind of sexual encounter. But I think at a age where the digital media can critize how these young people do it and get knocked up by having babies seems exceptable (thanks MTV and Maury Povich; plus movies) it’s not cool and well it could be painful for a bit but I think at some point you can’t be a virgin forever unless you can be abstistant forever. Just be prepared to wear a condom and take it easy because with pleasure it begins with pain before it gets to the pleasurable part of it. It can take a lot of work too. It isn’t as easy as it looks like they do in the movies or on TV shows. Sometimes it takes practice too before you and your partner get it right. But don’t go out and just be a sex fiend by reading this. Practice safely if you are going to try it. I think depending on who you are, I know in the bible it says that “you should not have sex until you are married” but what if you are a horrible lover, than you married into unhappiness because they haven’t well done it. I am just saying practice safely if you are going to do it before getting married. Just make sure you get tested and constantly practice safely while doing it. Sometimes sex can be real addictive and you can get urges that you thought you weren’t possible of getting. Once you start, that sex can be a intoxicating curse but a gift if you have it right. Just be prepared that you don’t get pregnant too soon. Play it safe and wrap it up. Take the pill and be causious if you have multiple sex or anything dirty like that make sure that you are tested for any diseases. It can be scary but you have to get it done.


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