SJ’s Word Corner Pt. 2

Today well has to be a interesting day of rest. I have hiding behind today trying to figure things out. My story has to be today has to be trying to figure things out and trying to find progression. I am trying to find a better life for myself and a better way. I haven’t found it quite yet. I am supposed to be resting right? Well wrong. I have a lot on my mind to tell you about but if I go into detail, you would know too much about the struggles I have been facing thinking people don’t think I face. I hide it personally well. Through a tired facade of layers of trying to hide a little of my frustrations trying to make something out of nothing. I mean it is going to be a very long progress for me to get through it all. I know that I have a lot of more work to put into where I can chase the dream of getting paid for what I love. Writing for me is a passion and has been more for a decade. If I were to find a way to get myself rich from it, I would be peaceful and real happy about it. But I am sort of peace that writing has kept my sanity in tack. If I didn’t have this. I think I would be a lost cause. I think I don’t expect a lot in myself these days when others have faith in me. I need to get myself together and have some kind of faith in something. Hope. I have been searching for it. I believed I found it. I think I have found peace, silence and happiness. I would like to earn a little more money though than I am in my current situation. I feel like I am digging myself in a HUGER whole than I need to. I just need to find someway to get it all. If I have it all, I want to be DEBT FREE! I am not there yet. I need to earn something better than I am achieving. I feel like it’s starring me in the face and I am being totally ignornant about it. Or maybe I just haven’t found a way to be better discovered. Well being a dedicated freelance blogger and poet. I think I found a passion to find myself to keep my thoughts within me. I think to get paid for it would be nice, but for now it’s all to keep my sanity in check and to find more pursuit of more happiness. I think I found partial of it but I am re-discovering things I didn’t know about myself or what I was capable of. I thought it would be all in dreams. So far they have become a reality but deeply a needy one.

I think I live in a world of scattered thoughts and dreams. It’s been a very hard and rocky road for me. I though think that I have a lot of people in my life to thank to keep me on this journey as they do. Most have my back and believe more than I do that I could do this even when there are days even myself I don’t think it’s possible.

This is my insight part 2. Thoughts of a deep mind.


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