Well it’s been over a decade and we still haven’t figured out how to deal with bullies. It isn’t just in person anymore but now is taken to online better known as cyber bullying. It has caused a death in Vancouver because of stuff she did in her off time and her activities that caused her suicide. This is a fore warning that postings of provacative pics can cost you a lot of bullies chasing and mocking you through the rest of your life, with no escapism at times. We get so caught up sometimes in this online world, we tend to forget or get jaded by hiding by our online personalities and don’t remember what’s real at times. It is very easy to bully and sometimes we have to learn our differences of who we totally are.

Bullying has been taken to a whole new level through this internet world and we post things we may not mean. It has been real tough to be very insightful of what you do. Bullying has stand the test of time and it has gotten tougher by the years we seen it change and progresses further.

As a victim of long time bullying in elementary school and partially in high school, I have a insight of what happens when you push nice people to a breaking point like I have been pushed; it changed me completely. I fought my way back to get out of many situations against some mean people have caused me and it has thrown me to be a real hard person. Though this nice facade, I feel to this day a little of that stress and a little more guarded than people normally see. Outside I may be appear nice but deep down I still feel a little pain than most normal would face. It isn’t depression but there is some anger and frustration burried in me. Although through these tough sitautions I have face still resisnate in me and if it gets pulled then I will tell you off. It is something that has been burried deep within me that crosses my personality and affects me to now be somewhat bossy but it never means anything. Sometimes I tend to lose myself with certain triggered words or somethings said to me that I forget I shouldn’t be that place anymore.

What I am saying is that you never get over it being terrorized. No matter what happens you should talk to someone about the situation you face. Any kind of bullying should never be dealt with alone. I would say if you were every bullied, it gets hard because of the other followers who are under the bullies, they fear about getting hurt so they join in because it is easy to follow the crowd than to go against the tide. There is fear of backlash and criticism if you help the victims of bullies out. You get outted and then you become the target. I know, because in my day I know there were certain people who wanted out of that criminal activity and the bully society just to fit in but what does that get you. Well, nothing.

If you know that you are being currently bullied talk to someone that can help you fight the demons with you. Never go at it alone. Talk to someone who could help you out and stand against it. You don’t want to end up in any psychological mess. Tell your parents, teacher, psychologist and possible police; possibly a trusted adult that might have done it or have faced it. Facing any kind of bullying is never easy and the internet/social media can be a real destructive place because no one still has any idea how to combat how to prevent of many more future deaths of people who have been bullied more than they can handle it until they cannot handle it anymore. It is a real sad world that we live in not being able to put a end but if we all join together and find a way to help people in any way, this is my message for you.

Don’t be a victim, don’t be part of a crime, don’t join that evil crowd (even if it is tempting) – that is something you don’t want to happen. I know Karma is a bitch. Let’s just say what you do to a person it could catch up with you later.

If you can help any kind of bullying to a end. If you read this, as a victim for many years, it can tramatize you for a long time and no matter if you think you get over it. You never do – it’s something that last within you for your entire life and could eat you. My form of getting through it to this day is to talk about it or write poetry to get rid of that stigma of hearing other victims now killing themselves because of it and having others join them because that shouldn’t be a way you should follow.

Face it. Fight it. Join the revolution of ending any kind of bullying. Talk to someone, never feel that you can deal with this on your own, because you can’t. Be strong because if you live on – it will be better. Live for your life – don’t end it because of this terrible disesase!


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