Blog Me: Team Keshia Chante (aka Luvkcfansite)

Well with almost me being on a street team hiatus for certain years between many teams and now. I am really proud to join such a prestige team of updated fan based individuals. In between knowing many teams like this one. I have the honour to join Team Chante for Luvkcfansite. I am a real proud member to be a media guru for them and to join such a team has made me to go out and see Keshia Chante on the road for them. Although there isn’t happening here in Toronto and it is happening in Japan right now I am watching what is going on. I enjoy working my best to rep for the team. They really dedicated themselves to update KeshiaChante news.

Their updates are frequent than any site for a artist street team. No lie.

Even though there is no video footage from me, you will see me later in the year later on.

The truth is I am excited for this year to bring more joyous luck for the team.

Thanks for being so hospitable to me and being patient.


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