Blog Me: Amerie Online Team

As a original member of Amerie Online and Amerie Web team. I have come along way to represent Amerie, now known as Ameriie I think she is still under rated until this day as a musician. Being that of a original member I have learned the progression of how a fan site work and the difference of each member.

Although we changed hands over the years and ran the site by many people I see the progression of many fan members of society doing different things in their lives and to progress their future.

I am there still as a team member watching what is next for this lady. A grown woman finding a path to the success she does have on her own terms and her own time. That is what I love about her as a artist. Takes time to get it right.

I appreciate it and even though I am not there on Ameriieweb Forum as much I visit sometimes to see what is happening or through their Twitter team

I appreciate them as a team for giving me a long overdue output to be creative aspect and support them.

No matter what Music Addict will be around checking out the future of her work. I will push more promo as soon as her album comes out.


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