Watching this trama going down
I feel this new year has cost me
A little bit of trama in the beginning
Of this year
Watching me from the outside
Thinking to myself
That I caused some trouble
To be on antibiotics
All of a sudden
I just got a trama
To my body
And I have to take care of
Myself like in my past
To outlook
Of my sickness
And fight this battle
Of these pains
And to get through
Like I have dealing with
Since I was a kid.

Because I fight
Every trama
Through my body
And my soul
Getting rid of
The pains and heat
I am going through
I try my best to
Battle it and the tramas
That go with it.

I look it as a warning sign
That I should take it easy
And as I struggle through
It I look positively to get better
That I can get through this
Even though it is really hard
To deal with
I must get through it
And at times I want to cry
Over my condition
I know I got to be strong
And live
A little more life
To deal with than
I already have.


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