As I stare at this moment
I see a moment in time
I see the light
The frames where destiny lays
I see the pictures of
What happiness brings
What down turns
And difficulties that come with it
The illnesses
The tragedies
We must all face
The outlook on this life is many
Things we must go through

The pain of things is easier
To deal with
It is easier to cry
To blame things on others
And hide into shame
Because we are designed to be built
To not face things we don’t want to
See to deal with head on because We fear the outlook on things.

Tragedy and illness can struck us
At any time
Anywhere at any moment
When you least expect it
You can be the most healthiest Person to suddenly get sick
With all the illnesses built into you
It’s the outlook on life
We struggle to comprehend
What our outlook on life can be
We can turn a blind eye to our
Outlook on life and just
Pretend to live wrecklessly
With no consequence

But when sickness hits
We look around and think
Where did that come from?
How did that happen?
Why did it happen?
And then we question it all
Our existance just didn’t randomly
Just happen out of nowhere

And this is the outlook we call life
We never know our
Unexpected fate or life maybe?


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