I close my eyes and faithfully
I feel devoted to you
But I can seem to run from these Body urges that sneak up like
The devil’s advocate
To want more in my mind but I
Know those feelings will
Go away and I know I want more
Than that and every moment
Secretly missing
A touch
A feeling of desire
A passion to hold onto something
But I know I have to run into
That light to stop
Wanting to sin so much
And I know you are having
A hard time
But I am having a harder time
To get these passionate thoughts
Run through my brain.

But I know this isn’t the right time
Part of my soul
Cannot let it go
So I dream for a passionate light
Of what I missed
So I go on
And hide in my secret thoughts and
All I can stare at you

And sometimes the temptation is
Too unbearable but I know I have
To turn that kind of stuff off
And for awhile
Even if it is really hard
To get lost in those moments
So I have to try to stop
Even if internally my soul
Cries to be held deeply than hugs
And kisses
I have to agree
That I need to have those
Silent moments even
If part of me wants continuously
More than I can handle

I need to question
What I am putting my body
From these female
Urges of passion
I know I have to press stop
Cause I know you need that break
From it.

So I have to jar these wild parts of
Me to help me get better and
Recover to make you a better
Person because I change you
For me to be there 24/7
By your side
And I miss you deeply
But I feel parts of me
Wants to explore the world
What I feel like I am missing
I can’t explain
The passion of events
And these demons
Of my body to sin
I have to think constantly
I can’t break my body
As much it wants to run away

All I can do is stare at your eyes and
Laugh and smile because
I feel like that is all I can do
To get lost in you
Cause you have been the dare
Of truth and stableness
Of m crazy passionate side
That at times I just want to run wild
And free
And search
At times is this too good to be
True what I have
Of a control
Of attachment you have to me
Because I let you have it
And now you are needy
But feel I am missing parts
Of my needs
Because I am watching for you
And forget about me
How I feel and the needs of
Healing in so many words
I cannot tell you for many reasons.
So I can keep parts of me still a mystery that we will have to work on down the road.


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