2011-2012: The brief details of what happened (intriguing experiences)

A lot of interesting things happened 2011-2012. Where do I start?

Well the beginning of the year was kind of slow for me in terms of events. It later picked up with a few events starting off with my year with being at a lot of Keshia Chante events throughout the months. Then during that period I came across a team called Luvkcfansite that represented Keshia Chante during that period, when I believe they came across my video during the Contiki event they connected to me (I think) and I got many hits during that time under createafan name and then re-roster my name as JaneAtEvents and everywhere I went I associated everything I filmed later in the months including The Guess Event, The Yonge-Bloor Festival, The BCC events, The Pride Parade and her many appearances at Much On Demand as much as I could have gone.

I thank the whole team of Luvkcfansite for being hospitable to add me to their team and I am honoured to be watching what Ms. Keshia Chante has done for being a under rated artist last year but making quite a number of places. Without the team of Luvkcfansite I wouldn’t have been fortunate to not have to get as many chances to see and meet Keshia Chante as I did.

Later in the year I had my first two experiences of going to Fan Expo and the first of two Toronto Comicons – the one in April not the one in May or June is what I believe. I had met some iconic people I have wanted to meet for a long time. It was a honoured to meet many people I wanted to meet and go to the Q&A’s to see and getting many autographs/pictures with people I have been fans of for a very long time.

The rest of the year in between this time is to make influencial people such as Pooja Honda, Steve Anthony, Neverest, Michee Mee, Dru, Q-Benjamin, Jen Hyland, Nina Sky, Larry Hagman, Marina Sitris, Kevin Sorbo, Tia Carrere, Lexa Doig, Jeff Smith (Bones Cartoon Creator), some of the cast from 1 Girl 5 Gays (Andrew, Jason Yantha and Phillip Treto) The Space Cast members – AJ Fry, Teddy Wilson and Cynthia Loyst… etc.

I also made influences to many bloggers from Twitter and up and comers, seasoned individuals from social media. Leaving a impression with many people a long the way (most from Fan Expo) and had a article written about me.

Aside from going to see Keshia Chante live. I got to see her label mates from Tanjola Q-Benjamin and Dru. I was very impressed by their performances.

Dru performing Gettin It In, Runnin’, She Can Ride amongst other songs. I loved watching it in Oshawa.

Watching Q-Benjamin’s performance also blew me away and I now there was some audio glitches from a fans perspective I thought she did really well. Even being late for that performance what I heard was raw talent – performing some covers and Young Forever. I was really impressed by it.

I also got to see Dan Hill perform live and I thought I saw true talent there.

Seeing Metric live to was a real great experience seeing them live and was very happy to see them live in a big venue like Air Canada Centre – the previous year back in 2006 and 2007 seeing them live at HMV Yonge Store (Near Ryerson University)

I was impressed as a fan and blessed to meet some great people these last two years and I loved that I got a chance. I think I abused myself silly in the last few years. I am currently taking it easy for this 2013 until the next few months when there are more events to attend in March, August and months following that.


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