Canada Blooms/Homeshow Pics

Good Afternoon everyone,
Well as you know this weekend is Canada Blooms and The Homeshow at National Exhibition Centre in Toronto. I got a lot of great pictures this weekend there and a video of the Hockey Cave. I hope I don’t get in illegal trouble for posting it but Canada Blooms had a lot of decorative floral displays there. It seems every year they get more creative and the other part the Toronto Home show is alright. They have a lot of electronics and a few interesting things there. Free Kurig coffee and it was so busy. I was there just this Sunday with a my mom and cousins. I didn’t have enough time to have time to the home show side but I saw a few things that I like there and if I could go back I would. I felt I ran out of time to take it all in. I didn’t get to see too much of the Home Show parts of it I wanted to see. I got a glimpse of it as I quickly looked around. The most I could with leaving behind my family to check out and walk around parts of the home show. I did enjoy as much as I could there. I wish I could of done more there. But the photo’s of what I have and my quick pics/video of the inside of the Hockey Cave was really worth it.

Everything I got to do there was endless. There were things with floral decorations that look like edibles and shoes with flowers in them? There didn’t seem to be a lot of time to view everything and you had to go around twice to view things just to make sure you didn’t miss anything there.

Although the lack of time I got to see there I tried my best in one day which was Sunday March 17th, 2013


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