Helping me out (Dedication)

You are helping me

To find some type

Of peace and happiness

That I’ve been searching for and you teach me

That these temptations and sensations along with

You’te love

You’re dedication

Inspires me

It’s the dreams that I never thought that

Could help me to get through things that

I thought I denied for a long time

I love feelings you share with me, that you give to me

On a daily basis because you care and constantly do

No matter what happens

To us in the long run

You and I can share a bond that’s unbreakable.

Every emotion

Every attention

Every touch

Every kiss

Every sense

has heighten my senses a stimulation of inspiration.

You give me

Hope of light when things I felt I thought

I didn’t think I could feel again

A better help of insight

To be able to share these feelings within

Me that I haven’t shared

In a long time with anyone

Until now when I am with you cause you asked.

You’re helping me grow

To believe that love can last through it all

Cause there’s always a understanding and support

Whne you’re around.

Your parents taught

You well a lasting impression

That I haven’t seen in

A individual human being

In a very long time;

Thanks for you

You’re a long time blessing

In disguise that for a very long time that I thought couldn’t happen.

To be in my7 life

That way you are

And give me the impossible life of love

Right at my door step

When I thought it wouldn’t be possible of dating and getting to love

A sensative and good man are rare qualities

Of remembering important events and things you do remember when I forget

Is dedication in my eyes.


That right there

Is dedication and change

Every type of human being searches

For in a person they can say they can hold on for LIFE!


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