They say to cope with parting ways

It isn’t a mutual agreement between the couples involved

Most people say that it could be the fault of other party involved

But if it is a mutual agreement

How do you describe it?

Maybe the love at times even if it is strong

It is sometimes what goes on in their lives and their circumstances

Of what they are going through and sometimes it can end the relationship

Back into friendship or just the end.

The strength of the past is maybe that is what is best within what

We both deserve because sometimes love isn’t always strong but

A friendship of understanding, which could be a little difficult at times of

Coming off a relationship

And most people would cry externally

But with me I am sad internally

And this is how I cope

Just write the feeling within me internally

Because I am searching for something stronger

A better balance and a certain level of expectations

Of how certain a person or even a man is

Maybe I may ask too much and I hope to find that in

An extraordinary person like that will come through like that again

Sometime in the future

And although that maybe hard to find

I know somewhere in time

Someone extra ordinary that I seek

Can help me cope and give me more that I can

Dream and we can share each other’s heights and personalities

Can help the coping factors of what I seek

Is out there but only time will tell

So I cope with this by writing everything I’ve experienced in life

By the great, the good and terrible things and this is just a series of experiences

I have to live through by because this is how I cope

Without external usage of crying or tears of sorrow

But suck it all in and move onto something I know where destiny

I feel is calling me to greater and hopefully better things to find

Progress myself into a better place I know I can be at

And the stability of drive and motivation of things

I put aside, ready to take on again and keep it moving.

Sure this is sad but I know within my heart and soul

And sure it is painful to deal with

I know how to get through it

Like I do with most things

And cope with it with the rights

Of writing it all out.


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