It’s A Freelance World

The Freelance Reality

  Most people think that being freelance bloggers or writers who have a huge set of misconceptions about most of these people that are involved in blogging are rich monetary wise but the hard truth is that nope they are not. It may appear that way but in light it isn’t like that. Most get luck; and that is the truth, just luck that you get discovered by people think you are very talented or respected in what you do. It can get you connected with many people in the same society who are either established or trying to be established in the realm of saying what is on their mind – because there is always an audience for that. Even if there isn’t even a reply to the article, the oddest thing is that some people have viewed it.

  Most people will criticize the structure and words of what people say online or say that these people have too much time on their hands. May be there is some truth to that, but in all honesty I have to say that at least I have my sanity and not doing some crazy and wild things to satisfy myself that others get themselves in trouble for. Sure, sometimes what I say may be annoying or just not interesting enough to strike up a conversation enough for you to listen but I know somehow down the line it can mean something influential without you not even paying attention to it. Sometimes I have to keep things to myself because well, I leave that to the internet world; where there is an audience who will read it and be intrigued. I feel what you say by word of mouth can get you in trouble at that moment, or just inquisitive people being nosey and wants to know everything about you. That should be left alone I think in my mind to yourself and just hold your tongue and then you can partially write those ideas and turn them into something of how you may truly feel. Some things are easier said than done when you write – sure it can cause a lot of controversy of what is said online. That is the reality of writing things that may be on your mind or how you perceive things may be troublesome. Not everything can be on the same level of things than how others perceive it.

  There are a lot of realities that may be a free lancer has to deal with on a daily basis – yes money does come to mind in terms of judgemental calls from outsiders saying “get a real career” or my favorite classic lines “get a real life – you’re wasting your time” and I say to that “at least I am doing something that makes me happy and makes me feel good” – I am getting though agitated by those comments – I say that at least we aren’t doing anything wreck less with our lives that we can’t handle or don’t do frequent that can cause our health or life wise that could affect our future. I see this as a better way of escapism than doing any other wreckless things that others do in society that get themselves into a spiral of depression or drinking or smoking or may be becoming some obsessed addicted individual to other outside habits.  The belief that being a freelancer is such a stereotype in society and some of us have embrace that word and a few others don’t like it as much depending on who you deal with in terms of what category they may put themselves in –the term freelancer is general because sometimes we can cross many genres.

  The truth is that being such a freelance world – you learn so much from many people you may have heard of in the past and wonder where they have went. (I say most of us have decided to take a break to live private lives or get our lives together and then come back to what we love to do the best which is write and give opinions).

The other thing is that there is somehow a reality when being freelancer for the many years of being one of many online individuals the strange thing is that you may know the same people or just happen to be co-incidentally at the same event they happen to be invited to. You never know – you may be in the same room as a celebrity (whether local or international).

  Oh, and sometimes that is the perks of being an online individual, you may not have too much popularity like a celebrity but the perks are somewhere there – social media has expanded the cultures of many writers, artists, fashion people, entertainers, fans of entertainers and/or poets to somehow end up sometimes crossing paths or just some strange unexpected notoriety that you may have not expected or just new followers who are struggling on the same path as you. Expect the unexpected with this because well connections do run deep for a place so large of a community it is a real small world than most people think.  

  I know I have learned a lot of street smarts and some online smarts in my life that I never expected that someone who was young searching for notoriety through online status – never thought I would go back and want to continue – here I am now unexpectedly back to a hobby I love when I was younger and until this day I still do. Sure I may be unruly in my train of thought though I never expected that I would be part of a online society full of many people I have heard of and then silently quietly disappeared only to find them now online in social media making it a interesting out in the world out there – may be not for popularity ideas but to get people to listen to what society has offered to give opinions to – and with that you have the journalist and then the bloggers; followed by the opinionated people who always have something to say about things. So in this world there is always a home for freelancers worldwide because there are stories that can be made that isn’t well spotlighted or even recognized. Social media is the future of journalism or thoughts without being a columnists or a journalist major or even an expert in a field with those who have these degrees that have to deal with social media. I believe we are the future of what needs to be said without a lot of censorship but with may be a few cautionary tales that isn’t being reported out there.

   And to be honest I have learned more being street smart about things I have learned than I have ever learnt in the education system of school. They only teach you the theoretical ideas but when it comes to conquering fears you learn it from outside experience or online experiences of veterans and up and comers to understand there is societies within a society of freelance people who can help you just get whatever you need to understand. You got a question – they may have the answer (it’s always a constant learning process – you don’t know everything).

   On that note I think being a freelance representation of society is hard but you have to believe that you can make it in a tough world of educated people trying to chase the same position you are going after. The only thing is that you may have to work harder than the established educated individuals with the proper degrees to back up what is said there. It’s a difficult and hard road but in the end it can be satisfying if you push hard and believe – others would believe in you as well. Just keep trying !!!!


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