Dreams and Perspectives

Dreams and Perspectives

Do you ever get at that point that you feel like your chasing dreams?

Well I can say I can for awhile and it’s been very difficult to what I want to do with it. I struggle with it for a long time. I may seem to be well put together and a motivator to others when I get frustrated by the situation. But I believe I tend to forget about myself in the process and forget about the moments when I live it. I tend to forget the honesty I put myself in and I think I live too much in a dream world where I put myself. Others may think of me highly but in truth I think I am just an average person just living and chasing the dream I always imagine I could possibly have. Sure…. I don’t have everything I want. I am truly though deeply happy in my soul. In all honesty I think though chasing these dreams I have in mind tends to affect my mood and may be how others perceive me without saying a word, maybe I am just good secretly telling what is on their mind without them saying a word. I guess I can just tell.

Words don’t mean anything if their facial expression behind the smiles and sometimes bliss may tell their happiness but in the end it all depends on what is really going on with their mind, psychologically.

It is all intertwined with what you hoped and wished. It is the most difficult things to deal with trying perceptively to just dream on and keep going, no matter the struggle you have to go through it is very achievable. It is very hard to think anything is possible with a lot of negative things going on; it is a challenge to rise to the occasion that can get you far. You just work hard constantly hard with the thought process that this could happen and elevate it to something that can happen.  Sometimes it may be longer than you aspect but once it is seen, you never know what kind of interesting things may come up with that whether in post or a comment – they may not have reply to it but they know it is there.

Sometimes you never know that when they see you in the street they may tell you in person or nothing in person, but at least they may know who you are. People have an interesting insight in what you say – it can draw attention because you are chasing your dreams of being a person with a lot of things to say. It may not be official blogger status – but it is more of freelance ideas that you have to share that it may catch on with a lot of entertainers and fellow idealist that may interest them to your insight in things that may share or not share.

Hence, dreams and perspectives share the same guidelines in getting what you may not say in person to express in a format of writing to share – some people may be really scared in admitting things in person what is said, so they watch what they say around others because a lot of these perspectives can be taken out of context which isn’t meant to come out in any offensive manner. These can intertwine and can either get you stuck depending on how you look at things.

Words do mean a lot because the insight is important to the dreams you are trying to reach out for. It may be difficult at times to get what you want because of maybe there is criticism that may drag you down, when it is never the attention to but if you continue to focus and try to push the boundaries…. well let’s just say you never know where that may take you.

Everyday a dream is a perspective which can be a reality depending on your creation of it. People are always going to be critical of what you do but if you love your dream – your dream can be a reality basis of elevation of things to be insightful world of what you are capable of doing against all odds.

The intertwined world of dreams and perspective can be a blurred line but if you always keep a good head on your shoulders and a mindful set to believe what you feel is right, continue. If not may be take a break and resume it again when the ideas and mind set come to frame. Fear and failure is your worst enemy – if you can dream it or believe you can achieve it for the optimism that you know you can keep going somehow and someway. It is always a rocky path to anything you put your heart and mind into things.

Trying to achieve is a step into a goal in dreams being perspectives and perspectives being reality dreams when you feel you have given everything you can imagine!


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