Addicted: Joining that social media scene/pages – (SJs Perspective)

Well we all love our social media like our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Webstagram, Keek, YouTube, Pintrest, Google Plus, amongst other social media sites which have taken a life on its own with many other people making waves through many art forms of social media pages – and trust me there are a lot of sites where people can post what they feel they want to post by choice.

I feel that within the social media paradox and the progression of all of this has evolved into having your life story posted online. We have seen many emotions said, pictures and video’s we like to share in the world. But…. where do we draw the line? When does it become too much? When you share too much. The recent spike of foodies and selfies have emerged to being the most notable things people do on a constant basis. I do that once in a blue moon. I rather be in a picture with someone or have a picture with something with meaning that happens during a event because I think it is important in my life.

Joining social media has its ups and downs because of the followers you have – they can be someone you know or don’t even know because they just might think you are interesting in what you posts on there. You never know what you do can get a lot of attention from people you never know. May be it could be who you affiliated yourself with because if you help out with a team you become a interesting factor to their people.

Social media and pages have taken flight to being one of the most addicting forms of entertainment out there because it can involve everyone you know and hence your family and friends can be part of it – than you become a possible outlook for can I get this or that. So far everything with dealing with social media is just luck – things happens for many reason when you sign up. Support and good things can happen when you join.

Sometimes it could complicate some stuff depending on what you work because people watch what you say and what you show can be used against you and become the talk of your co-workers or bosses of what you do. But if you keep in clean and don’t post anything about where you work, you keep yourself positive. Just keep it away with anything related to work. Sometimes though anything that you post on your social media – people can look at that as people just being a little nosey on what you may do on your spare time.

So social media is a addiction – for some of us it could be a whole networking thing that could possibly help out with the future of something you have been trying to achieve for a long time as a hobby but try to make something out of it. For others, social media is just for the fun of things for some of opinions to express what they are afraid to say in person.

For others – social media can be a bit of a curse because of the cyber bullying to take it out of the hands of what happens online and be taken into schools and used what you post or what was done outside personally to be posted and used against you which can cause some depression and suicide. This has been on the rise in the last few years – some of it has been aired through media stations and journalists worldwide.

I think that social media websites and pages need to be closely monitored when their are non-positive things happen online, such as cyber bullying and child pornography; as well as, murders who post things online and think they can get away with it. Who knows.

With every addiction that is added to many social media sites, there should be an awareness of what you say and what you do shouldn’t be always advertised for the world to see. More people get addicted and the posters just show more – hence no more privacy anymore. It is hard because there is a fine line of privacy shown and said. Mentally it is hard once you join – you feel like you want to share mostly a lot things that you go through on a daily basis that you wouldn’t tell or share with others in your group for the criticism because they know you – while with people you don’t know sometimes feel like they have a better understanding of what you go through because they possibly are going through that too or have been through it and therefore you feel like they understand.

But be careful on who you trust, because you never know who they really are. It’s hard to not be felt supported by many social media members and bloggers because it is a story line that everyone can relate to. If you get to take the time to know who you really deal with – you can use that as a perspective client or follower that has insight what you are trying to achieve – of what they are achieving or have achieved.

Hence, social media is the addiction of everyone’s life at one point or another – you never know.

Welcome to social media and the scene – you never know who or what you run into and the relations they may have influentially in the world or society we all live and breathe in.


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