What Is Your Problem?

I could never understand certain people that are crummy individuals as soon as the weather changes? What the fuck is your issue? It is not appropriate that you give such a mean answer to people who are trying to do their jobs. I could never understand why it gives people comfort to just make others want to treat other people really mean. I mean if you have issues, don’t give such attitude back if you are being asked a question. What the fuck man – holy shit, that is so inappropriate I think sometimes you need to smacked or be told off to say if you want to be left alone – then come when you are calm down or in a better mood. May be you need to be laid or need a drink or something.

I don’t know what it takes to treat people as a better solution to your crummy attitude to be a positive attitude. I think though as soon as the weather PMS’s – certain bring a crabby attitude and show a ugly mean face because may be the light could be too much for them.

I could never understand why the need for such a need for attitude like that. If you have issues – don’t bring that and dump your problems and issues to others. To be honest we have nothing to do with whatever problems you have. It is very unnecessary to make others feel the way you do. Keep your shitty ass attitude to yourself, if you have a problem – sometimes sharing that can cause a lot of friction and disgruntle behaviours with others. I get frazzled by the way others feel JOY to make people very angry or very unwelcomed into things.

Sometimes I think you need some form of entertainment hobby to get that frustrations out on other things than people.

Seriously, what is your problem?


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