YOU NEED TO BE CORRECTED: Proof read me (blah, blah, blah)

Well I admit to anyone that is reading this: I am not one of the best bloggers or writers out there that is “professional” enough on what I post.

Well I have to admit – I am not trying to achieve that. I am merely a free-lanced writer for a decade and say what is on my mind. Sure my post aren’t professional enough in the proper English context or properly correct.

I have known that for more than a decade that what I write isn’t quite the textbook context, proper English context or even proper sentence format. I am very irregular on how I post – hence that is why I call myself a freelance writer. I just write how I feel, or what I think. It is more for me to write informal because that has always been my comfort level.

Yes – I know I am wrong smarties with all my structure and thought processes because well I write how I see these words coming out of my mind. Informal. Unstructured. Outside of the box creative person. I stopped following the rules to writing along time ago.

Why – you may ask?

Well here is what I think is wrong with too much by the book: 

1) Structure is well too proper and you are forced to stay in a box of rules by just following what everyone else think is right.

2) You limit yourself

3) Everyone wants to just proof read you because everyone wants to correct you that what you do is well “informal”

4) Sure succeeding by following structure is great – but you get yourself in a daily process of repeating yourself over and over and over again – then eventually you get bored by that, and eventually irritated by the same old daily task

5) Your creative sense is always formatted by what is in front of you because you are told to just do it – others are right and you are wrong (most of the time so that is what they tell you)

6) YOU SUFFOCATE YOURSELF with too much structure and well I think you become a robot to adhering to the code of you must follow this if you want to get ahead or else (you are wasting your time and everyone else’s?). (Is that fair – I don’t think so…)

I believe that if you think by what is in your head – you may get out more on what you want to write than thinking about it too hard.

I believe that if you learn to get out of your comfort zone and out of the box – you can do a lot of things or achieve a lot of things that you never thought possible. The possibilities could be endless. The rules keep you in line – It is there to keep you standard and a little sane. That is a reason why people around me tell me I have to start sounding correct.

I feel like after learning to hone my outside of the box creativity – I have seen what crazy possibilities it has lead to me. Sure it has held me back in a lot of other things – but I feel that I am making some kind of progress by using my out of my box techniques to get a lot of attention and criticism alike.

My thoughts and sayings have:

– Inspired many people

– others wanting to give me a lot of trying to criticize me into correcting by the directions they feel that they think I need to go.

For the proper English onlookers or proof readers out there. No matter what I know I have to be corrected in all my format writing. If you are reading this – I know than you are intrigued by just even looking at this page. Did I get your attention?

If you answered no (You’re lying) because you are looking at this right now and shaking your head or just keeping the criticism to yourselves about how morally incorrect in what I am writing right now.

For those who get my crazy out of my box ‘creativity’ techniques and agree with me – I hope you are inspired by both making sense on insensible all at the same time. I am surely getting to you. If you are inspired by it – then you get what it is like by every which way everyone is trying to correct this thought process of the words that you write on a page is from your head.





That equals – freelance inspiration to people who even bother to look at this. (chuckles a bit internally and smirks at being possibly criticized by others).

Love it or hate it – you took the time to see if you could correct this or me right now.

Proof – you do care (cause everyone is very opinionated) about the corrections you may tell me how incorrect I am by correcting me that this isn’t a finished product.

Proof – That is how I want you to see it.

No ending – just want to see if you may just leave some messages later on Facebook or Twitter or in person on your judgement call to correct me in every way – I expect you too.

I want to inspire you by – you giving me a opinion to tell me what is right or wrong in what I am doing. Well to me – you took the time to even looking at this post – so to me that sounds like something you had time for.

Go ahead – tell me your opinion of this unfinished blog. or search me as musicaddictjane on Facebook. Dare you 😉


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