Intense Dreaming (poem version)

As I close my eyes

I had this intense dreaming

Thoughts of things running through my mind

Or just random things that just show up

In my dreams

Things that make sense

Some things that don’t make sense

Like a passion of just things happening.

It becomes intense

My mind races

It feels like there is some intent?!

Don’t know why?

Is there a meaning my mind is trying to tell me?

What is up with this intense dreaming?

It feels like every part of me tries to make sense of it all,  

But it doesn’t make sense when I wake up to reality

And face to understand what kind of craziness

I just went through.

Every part of me races and runs

Through my soul and my body

Internally and externally…

Here I am dream land

What are you trying to say?

Could this be some kind of a unforeseeable future for me?

Just through messages through my mind

Without trying to make sense?

What kind of dreams are you trying to portray to me?

Thanks intense dreaming for making any kind of reality sense of randomness.  


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