Transition (inspired by Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift)

Looking into your eyes

Gives me the reason why

You can change over night

First, you’re really great

And the next thing I know you change

You transition into another person

It is like I don’t know you at all

You promised not to leave me alone

But you up and left

Took off into another place and time

I thought I knew you but I don’t

It feels like you decided to be there

And the next moment all I see is

Someone I don’t even know.

I don’t know if what transpired just recently

Has given you another reason to love and then to dislike me

I get lost because you change instantly

I sometimes what I say to you

Isn’t kept between us

But shared with others

All I can say is that it feels like you change when you please

You go into transition mode when you like

And now I think if I can trust you in the things I say.

Or down the road you may everything we did against me

Do I lose faith into your words or is it safe to keep saying the things I say to you

Be real and not lost into others topic of conversation?


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