You got me tired

Trying to be part of it all

You gave me compassion

You gave me security

You gave me lust

You gave me passion

You gave me emotion

You gave me intensity

But at the end of it all It was the greatest love and devotion

I could ever experience for awhile

But after that It felt incomplete

Because I knew what I wanted more Which love, emotion, passion, and intensity

That we knew at the end of it all We couldn’t handle it because I wanted more

And we decided to leave it behind

Because I wanted more than I could handle

And you could only give me part of it

From time to time

So I decided to put this love thing on hold for awhile

To focus on life And the dreams I seek

Thanks for the love

You gave me

Something I’ve been wanting to live for awhile

And you showed me many sinful and blissful things

That I thought were possible

But not that I thought I could do possibly to feel

And you made it possible

But now

All these lustful love things I experienced with you I feel like I need a break and back to reality I need to work on

Before I can re-tackle

That passion and emotion That fill of intensity Of what it is like to feel like that again

For now I will have to pause it

To fulfill a life long dream

To find that one who can balance that intensity and drive

Without trying to be Way too smart But yet not so dumbfounded

About what they think

They know about what they knew they think love is

I hope that one day that it will show up on my door step

To be a passionate person and a balanced caring And loving individual who can handle it all.

All of me and I can handle all of them too.


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