In Tragedy

In Tragedy

We live in a society full of disasters and confusion
Where things were great one day
And the next day
A loss of human life and dignity
A loss and tragedy of situations we can’t control sometimes
And to envision the devestation to see
Sometimes with our own eyes or miles away
Or what we see on TV
Or in social media
We can’t help help human nature wise
Try to help out
The cause of a disaster
When it is most needed
Some people would run away
But some would help out
Complete strangers for everyone’s sake
For survival and when people
Think sometimes every individual for themself
There is always someone out there
Who would help those in tragedy in need
Because they say every good will or deed
Will not go unpunished
And that in the greatest disasters
It brings everyone together
And not selfishly

But the kindness of humanity
To survive in the worse of times and situations


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