Keeping yourself sane and balanced.

This is an inspiration post that I read today from a Writer’s group and it made me want to write something in response to it.


A lot of us individuals live our daily lives in a world where stress and worries get to us. We let it consume us and I have to admit – it has eaten me alive partially and I feel like I have forgotten who I am as a person because of circumstances that surround me sometimes.

REFERENCE (using myself as an example)  

I am forced at times to make it look alright. Technically – I’m not. I try my best not to let it get to me, majority of the time but deep within there lingers like the average human being where it feels overwhelming to not let it get to you.However, I think it shows on my face though when I give a blank look or noticing OMG I am getting wrinkles because of it. I try not to say so much verbally these days and the reason is that I fear that I will say something horrible that will return in a negative way. It’s best though not to say much to people and I try to keep private though about how I truly feel about certain things. I find myself relieved when I write and shut out the world because I don’t need or want that negative vibes get to me.

I make it look so easy though to not let it get to me because I don’t really want to be part of any politics or involve anyone from getting into trouble in what I do as a Poetry writer. I think it is best though to try to separate the two from any work related stuff – I refuse to get anyone around me in trouble by what I say or write. I even do my best to keep anything that I don’t like about what I do about work in any post I write – I don’t want to incriminate anybody at all. It’s just not my style (plus in reference I don’t really want anyone to use that against me down the line – professionally wise).

A Word To The Wise (trying to keep it professional)

Trying to keep it away from what I actually do as a job. Trust me – social media can get you in a lot of trouble job wise in acceptance that your bosses aren’t sneaking up on what you do.

I have to admit though it’s hard not to want to post negative stuff about what you do as a job and the difficulties you face day-to-day. BUT YOU MUST RESTRAIN YOURSELF! 

I find myself using my own personal struggles as a post. That is how I don’t let negative things get to me. I write things down as a poem or in thinking words on paper so that I can function as a human being and don’t let whatever surrounds me in a negative format get to me. It’s easier said than done. Sometimes you really want to YELL how much you may despise a person but it can be  very deterring and emotional against the person that is doing those things to you.


As individuals in society there are a lot of things that can get to you and just eat you alive and destroy and humanity you have left and living towards. Keep a journal. It can keep you sane instead of insane it can help you face those daily challenges every person deals with.

I think if you do this – you’ll survive and balance whatever life throws your way.

It’s out of your system and it gets it done and over with. On to the next challenge. Plus, you save yourself a lot of trouble with may be a shrink or psychologist monetary wise. You read it and there you go, you set yourself FREE from that moment and time whatever is bugging you. Then you can look back at it as a distant memory.


No one can really fix you – but YOURSELF! Others can be a support group but they aren’t always going to be there to help you out in your darkest moment. Most of the time you have to struggle with it on your own and you are faced to deal with it head on. You can try to run from it but the problem will always be there until you fix it – no matter how you do it (step by step; day-to-day). It can’t fix itself you have to be able to try to correct it!


“Lessons in life aren’t taught, they are learned.”

“You learn who you truly are on your own and how at times others may perceive you. “

BREATH AND EXHALE (don’t suffocate yourself because of a lot of shit you have to deal with as a human being – we all have to deal with problems) and without those issues we can’t make ourselves greater human achievers to get what you want no matter what obstacles may face your way. No matter what it takes – things can be better if you only can believe it can.


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