Relationships: The partnership or partnerships – trying to find the road of happiness

You never know you miss the need for the human experience of not just a relationship or lovers. You have your first relationship and you never expect that your partner would teach you things about yourself – you would only dream, fantasize and write about becoming very true before your eyes.

You then feel carried away by the bliss of it, and get addicted the need to not just experience it by a partner. You feel the addiction of to feel the need to let your partner know that may be the intimacy with that person isn’t enough, because you needed everything from foreplay and protected sex with other people. Hopefully they are opened to it – just to keep you happy because they can’t give you that satisfaction every night or when you need it.

It’s been a little difficult, now that you don’t have that partner around – you miss it. Sex, intimacy and devotion around you – when it stops there are nights your body craves it. Sometimes it becomes a challenge to just want to feel – sex and intimacy with some one. If it is not just with one person but the original person that got you there. It is never going to be easy to not want to go back to that person and say help me – fix my need PLEASE but they won’t because they have moved on and are really dedicated to a new person.

We always need the for a relationship or the need to feel what your body craves. Love, sex, foreplay and the need for a body for a bit of intimacy; it has been real hard with some regrets to not being the one of being faithful and sure may be the partner was ok or is alright with it because they know they couldn’t satisfy you until you were tired. But once they are gone or not around – you feel empty a little bit.

Once your body has experienced the bliss of sex and foreplay you put yourself through – to trying to reverse those urges and learning to shut it down. It’s never been easy trying to find this road of happiness of finding a future partner, but for now keeping your body again a temple again.

Trying to find the road of happiness has been a rough road. May be if we stay committed in our relationship at our time – gives us a lesson of what we truly want and experience.

What they say is really true – you miss what you once had.

We take our relationships for granted at times when it is in front of us.

The void of sexual intercourse, intimacy and foreplay can feel like a void – because of the addiction compared by alcohol or drugs can’t complete what it is like what it feels like when bodies touch. Honestly. It’s a temporary stimulation with alcohol or drugs but anything with intimacy makes you feel high for hours and can affect your mood of happiness because it can keep you warm with someone by your side. You can sometimes get tired but in a good way hopefully at night.

But sometimes when that is gone – you go back to being you: back to being solo and the bliss that was once there has to be filled with writing or other things that the human individual find for happiness.

Trying to find the road of happiness and the road of partnerships is a challenge and hopefully one day if possible that we can get it right and make it last.

I know that we as human beings challenge to make it last and vibrant.

I know that my challenge is to get it right. I don’t think I have found the person to stay really true to – trying to wait for happiness to find me than for me to going to look for it. So this is why I keep really busy and keep my mind occupied from love, sex, intimacy and the road of happiness of a relationship for awhile – to write this down.

I hope to get it right possibly, one day.


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