The Internet

Yes, we are all guilty of it.

Some of should be writing and all. Posting video’s. Um, but we get lost in playing games on our days off of work. I’m so guilty right now just doing this – MyVEGAS Slots, Candy Crush, Farm Heroes. Oh man… I can’t seem to want to post anything even if it is done. 

May be I am keeping my best work in private for a video to be put together. I know a lot of people are wondering by now if I am keeping my promises to put video’s together. Yes, some parts of it are done but some need to get put together. 

I’d be lying that this weather is lagging right now and I will put a video together on how much people complain about this weather event of deep freeze we are facing right now. 

It may be interesting.

But for now this is just a random blab about trying to look convenient in my post right now. Why? 

So that people who are waiting for something epic from me can feed off this post for now.

Poetry epic/lyrical content coming soon. Promise…Just wait for a bit. It’s coming!


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