Creations Pt. 1: The art behind ideas writing my poems

  Why my poetry writing may grab your attention.

  A insight story line of my creations. 

The thought process of my collections of my poetry writing are the basis of a few things.

 Mostly, personal experiences of how I am feeling on a daily basis. The other parts of my writings are on the spur of the moment or sometimes even a song that I have playing either on my phone or the CDs that I have playing in my car. The lyrics to many songs that I usually listen to gives me a partial idea of my body of work. 

  Some days I got a lot of ideas simultaneously comes to me and sometimes I have to leave the pages and write it all down and then go back and complete it because there are days where it over whelms me but I try to get it out my mind as quickly as I can. 

  However, I go back and edit it when I have no idea’s.

  The art of poetry for me after leaving it for a long time back and forth between my fan support between 2002-2006 until now but that was really heavy and a balance back than where I was writing partially while on promotion. Around that time though was my multi-tasking year before I actually got a actual job. I was behind the computer screen and the poem writing and supporting are all tied in to writing between radio stations in Canada and worldwide (NYC to London) for the Love Zone’s there and the simultaneously from my past adventures under a whole bunch of aliases in my past. Never my real name.

Now I am using my real first name or acronym it from my idea’s from my past and the idea’s behind the past as I look back on it – I realize that some of my old stuff has spoken to me for what will happen to me for the future and looking at my past writing and my current writing – there are so many similarities with my writing and I never knew that I was writing what I was expecting for my future. 

  The thought process of poetry are all emotions. In that moment and that writing is more than a relief of things that has happened or still occurring. There are so many things of poetic forms of how things I put myself in. 

  Now – my emotions are in the moment of maturity and finding myself out finding my way to grow to becoming a better person and being a wiser individual. Sometimes I believe that all the poetry work that my work now are based on people around me and their maturity has influenced me to my current writing style.

 I feel blessed that I have to change with the times to get my writing style highly regarded and advance my writing style with my poetry. 

  As I grow older I find that my spoken word is advancing for the best work that I have written in a very long time. Very appreciative of my poetic words advancing into something more greater than I used to but for the greatest work that I have written and created. 

Emotion and growth is my creations behind my creative process of my poetry.

Grow with me and you will see the best work from me from a long time since my post and reads from my radio station contributions in the late 2000’s. 


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