*Warning This Poem Has Sexual Explicit Content Involved*

When I looked into your eyes,

We knew where it was going to go,

That night after dinner,

I knew at that moment I wanted you,

I undressed you with my eyes,

And I’m sure you undressed me with yours.

I couldn’t help it when we got back to the car,

And drove back to your place,

I knew right there and then I wanted to fuck you,

Undress you and just more than foreplay with you,

When we got there,

I couldn’t help myself that night,

I was in the moment,

I knew I didn’t want to go home,

In that rain storm that night, 

I wanted it to settle down,

I wanted to spend hours of fucking with you and passionately just having your

Body intertwine with mine.

I wanted the experience to last a very long time,

And it did that night,

I never knew at that moment,

I was going to lose my virginity to you,

When your dick came out,

I was ready to play,

When you strapped that condom,

I never expected that I would love it so much,

I felt like I was addicted with you in me,

Making the heat of the moment,

Even more special and it’s true it was painful at first,

Because I never felt anything like this before,

But once you entered in me,

I wanted to keep going,

And I think you and I knew that,

We wouldn’t stop until either one of us was tired,

We pushed each other like I never thought,

Either one of us had experienced 

In the dark,

We pushed our bodies until we collapsed 

In the end and all we did was lay beside each other,

Just kissing and relaxing in each others arms,

And from there the rain stopped.

From there it was clear to go home,

Although I didn’t want to that night,

And I wanted to stay in your arms,

And possibly fuck you even more,

I went home and drove home safely,

With the energy to stay awake on drive back to my area,

I went home and thought of that night,

When I rested in my bed,

That was incredible of what I just experienced,

What I felt and the feeling of that first sexual encounters with you,

Made my inner body feel truly explicit and high,

I knew at this time of the year my vagina enjoyed your dick in me,

For hours with a break of foreplay and rest in between,

I felt like every time I left after all of that physical sexual activity,

I just wanted more.

I felt our many encounters turned me into a freak,

That desire of wanting sex,

I felt like my vagina enjoyed so much penis in a span of a year,

I felt like I was going out of control,

For a moment there like a dirty freak,

I couldn’t stop my body wanting it all,

The foreplay, kissing, intensity of enjoying your body,

And you enjoying mine,

Gave me urges like a dirty unreleased virgin

Wanting too much private parts,

And foreplay because my body enjoyed it all,

Like I never expected it to ever wanting to feel, 

That way I feel like I still have those moments,

Where I just want my body to feel the pleasures of sex and foreplay,

But I keep the urges at bay,

To get out of hand of being so explicit,

Like that year,

Trying to focus on a dream non-explicit besides sex,

Sometimes the need for the urge of intimacy,

Gets in the way of the art I am trying to achieve,

Not trying to play with a dick and it isn’t easy,

With the urges of wanting explicit foreplay and sex,

Don’t cross my mind,

Because well the right guy hasn’t come through,

Where I can fully enjoy that nature again,

And it won’t feel like I just want to do it random fucking,

Like that for a while although it feels great to experience,

The urges of a man fucking and fore playing with you for hours,

Or as much as they can before you or him get tired completely and cave in,

Before that next explicit round can happen between both of us can again. 



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