The Grammies

Seriously. I was expecting more from the Grammy’s. I think some of the performances were lack luster. I expected more than what I got.

I really cared for the Queens For The Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails performance because I haven’t seen them performed together or perform on a Grammy stage in a very long time. I was disappointed that they cut that off. Errrrr, they didn’t even finish the act. I very it was specular; maybe they ran out of time.

Hey I disagree that people were dissing LL Cool J and licking his lips. Listen I never was paying attention to that. You know you must of been bored if you were counting how many times he was doing that. He is a great host and I enjoyed him.

Taylor Swift was very passionate about her song. Sometimes when you are really getting into it you can’t help like dance crazy or flip your head and hair whipping it back and forth like that, when you are in that moment – you aren’t yourself when you are normal. I don’t see this negatively like all media press were criticizing her like she was crazy. When you are passionate about what you do – you zone out. All artistic people are like that – you get into it and all emotional inhibitions go out the door.

I couldn’t help though to get into Kascey Musgraves performance of Follow Your Arrow and that outfit was something else. I went to even went to go and download Different Parks, Same Trailer album because it caught my attention with her lyrics from Follow Your Arrow song and I love everything about it. It’s on my major playlist of songs to listen to.

I am not really into country music – I like the aspects of that scene because country music gets away with talking about alcohol, sexual content, disloyalty, and drugs but make it sound so cool, which it shouldn’t be but no one really causes a big stink when country musicians do it. When rappers and hip hop artist do that – it causes a big up roar all of sudden it’s a HUGE CONTROVERSY. I don’t know why that happens? But I guess it does.

Katy Perry with Juicy J – Dark Horse (alright it was a little dirty with some class, I thought it was dark and interesting).

All in all though – I thought of the innovation of the awards of strange combination of performances that were meh and some made me think that was interesting pairing of musicians all together. I thought it really brought out some differences in every music genre at these awards. May be next year it won’t take too much time. So let’s see for next year for The Grammies.


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