The human need to feel (the love, passion, sex and devotion)

Well it’s no secret for us human beings the need to feel or experience things in our human lives the need for love.

  We all need it.

First, comes – the love and the passion (the slow intimacy) to get to know each other. The kiss, cuddling and holding each others hands. Once, you experience the feeling of bliss – you would crave it constantly. Some days it’s really hard not to experience it if not on the daily basis, possibly every other day. The need to feel love and experience passion can always lead to the fourth thing which is devotion.

Devotion, love and passion is a helping hand at times for the human experience to lead the intimacy of the trusting a partner to teach you the sex part. It’s other you, or your partner is experienced in doing. Hopefully both of you though aren’t inexperienced in that way. They say that the human body is a temple but we all need to experience the intimacy in our time to know how it feels. People may wait for that special moment with that special someone to know how we feel as humans what it is like to have devotion.


Once we have it – we can be very addictive an we get to that point and of course the look of each others human bodies and experiencing the pleasures what it’s like to feel that passion. We can all deny or hold off the feeling of what pleasure is like but we all need to learn and experience everything that comes with the sensuality and touching of the human experience of all the pleasures of love, sex and devotion of a relationship.

Sometimes when it’s over and that bliss is done, all you can do is just re-imagine it again eventually when the time is possibly right again. So the need of human connection is always there and is always going to be on the human brain – whether you experience it every day or in a year as a learning experience to keep your need as a human being sane or just write about it. Keep the imagination alive when you picture it what it feels like to have passion, love and devotion.


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