Poetry Comeback

   While working on new material and taking a few breaks to check out what the online community has been up to.

   I have seen Poetry has been now a big comeback into social media circles – I would like I made a small contribution to the lost art of poetry lyrics – since its demise I would say about a decade or so. I’m really happy that even writers have taken back into the craft, even at a professional level. I hope that I can keep the momentum going for the art of spoken word.

   It’s been underground in popularity around the city of Toronto and through various online websites and here on WordPress. It amazes me that even with the small views – I have inspired people to get back into it.

   Poetry is always a stardom of most song lyrics but I’m trying to get my contribution into this long lost art form back into some kind of popularity again. May be I don’t have very many views on YouTube but it’s been really impressive on how many digits I have hit in terms of my views. I hope that I can build on it for awhile.

   With anticipation of helping out with the art – I hope that people can get inspired by contributing to the art of poetry once again. With the next few video’s on the horizons and a little few people waiting what I will come up with next – I will put together some spoken word video’s for postings just until I can actually film video’s that will inspire the art.

  Thanks for all the supporters and trying to stay patient with me in the art of writing and the art of writing poetry. I just got to recite my lost poetry words and will start off what brought me to the art with past online post to the forefront and post/read post that got a few of my online nick names popular. 

Bringing “MusicAddict”, “MusicAddictJane”, “musicfan”, “MusicFanatic”, “EntertainmentFan”, “Janesthename”, “vanishingact”, “AmerieFan01” back on the scene from the history books that was on international radio station and online websites everywhere back in the 90’s and 2000’s.


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