Relationships vs. Single Life

  As I was going to bed last night. I was thinking about writing this last night but I was tired too. I had to go to bed with a lot of ideas of how I was going to approach it. 


  I know that most people feel that if you are in a relationship you are partially happy with that. You have someone to satisfy you and may be at times have someone to turn to, when you feel all alone. Sometimes relationships build each others self-confidence compared to when you are a single person. When you are single – I think you’ve become introverted because you do things on your own and just used to that. Having someone around you in a relationship can go either way – helps you to be extroverted or just makes you grow because you learn from that person’s traits and make sure you aren’t going to be that person. 


  I’m not saying that I am a relationship expert or claim to be. I’ve just seen a lot of people more in a state of a relationship to fill sometimes the lonely void to being wanted and being with someone who can share. Personally over time a relationship can make you a better person from a learning experience or just make you frustrated and crazy over time. It all depends on where you are in each others lives (if you are in a relationship) or where you are as a person to make it work.


  Personally I just don’t like my single life (I LOVE MY SINGLE INDEPENDENT LIFE)! Why? Well, I don’t want to answer to anyone where I am going or get into a disagreement with the other person about trivial things I want to do. I can go out with people and hang out with them and just live freely. Sometimes being able to just relax and watch TV with no distractions. Write. Sleep. Eat. Oh and yes sometimes drink on a occasion without worrying the other person because they want to control me. LOL. I think that I’m not ready for any kind of relationship because I’m not a stable person and I’m just so energetic and passionate about my dreams, hopes and expectations where and what I do in life. Sometimes that really attracts a lot of people towards me. (Lately – individuals of colour and want to thank me).



  I don’t think I’m a real interesting person but kudos to those who think I am. Good looking out for me for just checking up on me or just being really interested in what I have to say and just liking it. 

  Thank you ladies and gentlemen for taking interest in just liking my work. You don’t really criticize it too much – you just read. 


  Another thing about the whole relationship thing – after awhile you may grow apart or just do your own thing after being in a relationship for so long. Where do you go from here? Sometimes you get so attached to a relationship no matter how long is it and then it’s broken.          

  You start questioning should I hang on to this because I’ve been with this person so long I don’t know how to let go or I don’t know any better than this. My answer “PLEASE STOP HANGING ON AND MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!” 

  It may not be so easy to just let it go but if there are other circumstances and you both know it isn’t going work out in the long run – why keep trying or fighting or just have constant make ups to just back to arguing? I really don’t get it. If you stay in a relationship it should be equal and not just one sided. You have to constantly work on it – I know some of you people can DO BETTER! Just tread with due diligence. PLEASE, SERIOUSLY. If your relationship is one sided – you aren’t meant to be with that person or you’ve just grown apart and sometimes it happens. That’s the way it is. If you know also that other factors can’t count on steadiness or eventually comes down to cheating or just unhappiness. Why are you still in it? You do it just to separate but pretend to be happy. I’ve seen in and heard of it just for the sake of well may be sometimes for the kids. Whose really happy in a marriage? Really not everyone is!


     Some people may not cut out to be in a relationship at this time. I think some of us haven’t found that person yet – who just gets it and understands what you two really want in life. 

      May be I’m just too unstable or ready to be in some kind of relationship and in honest truth for now I LOVE BEING ON MY OWN. No kids, no husband but I’m willing to date – if you’re really to take a chance on my creativeness, craziness and sometimes just hanging out is fine. Try me. But I’m not going to chase you down if I’m too energetic for your stableness. It’s hard to find a balanced person these days because in some light the other person is the total opposite. So i’m going to love my independence for now. I appreciate my life and my singularity at this point. If you put real effort into it and you try – hey I may give you a chance. 



  That’s my opinion of what I think what is the difference of relationships vs. single life comes down to. Down the road unhappiness and just staying together vs. long time independence and stability by believing you don’t really need anyone to help support you. (That’s all in the people you believe in.)



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