Every thought of you fills my mind

A experience that I thought I’d ever learned

From a personal experience

That has me full rather than fantasizing

When I close my eyes

You’re a dream of passion

That helps me through the night.

Laying beside you has helped me

Understand what it can take

To make it worth while

You’ll want more and that’s guaranteed satisfaction

You want me by to get it right

With you to share the experience request

You want the job to get it right.

You can’t escape it

The experience you’ve had isn’t quite what you may have

And the highs make you hard

Forget what you know

Because when you’re with me

It’s a lesson well learnt.

That’s got you heated

You’ll get exhausted

You’ll want a break from it

For a recovery.


And that’s the experience

You think you can handle

Oh and yeah

Sure you’ll definitely be surprised

By the booty asset you’ve never expected when you’re with someone like me


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