Things Change

We all must go through it or we all must be forced to go through. Everyone around us change or we have to change to stay alive. We are challenged to force to grow whether we like to or not. We all must learn to grow and who we trust.

The truth is that people aren’t who we thought we could rely on when they aren’t in our presence we thought we knew. I’m not saying it’s everyone in our lives who we surround ourselves with. We think we may know certain people and trust them with our lives or with our secrets, but in the end are we leaving ourselves vulnerable for others to judge us.

Sometimes growing through the process of life, has to come with deceit and lies; sometimes that life may be the truth that we were long seeking for or the changer that we need. Sometimes people have a real funny way of changing us and sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes it’s for the worse or just agitate you to the point that makes you question everything you may know about that person.

It’s difficult whether who is really there for you compared to people who just claim they will be there but in the end – they leave you behind. Things change in a moment and if they got new company – you become a forgotten cause because may be the new people they have around them are cooler than you and now they just don’t want to say another word to you or they don’t feel the need to have a affiliation with you no longer. The difficulty with things changing is you find out whose side people around you are really on. Things change in a moment and you find out where loyalties lie. Who is real with you? Who is not real with you?

You start questioning every moment of reality of your life is the existence you believe is what is real or you just living it because that’s how you know how. Is who or what surrounds you change who you become?

Do we change things in ourselves to keep the company we keep? Who are we really if we no longer have anyone to really be there to support our dreams, hopes and aspirations – we really can be alone trying to figure out that we need to change directions in our lives.

We afflict ourselves for others to be in our existence? What are these things we seek for others gratification to be in the need of others only to find that they change and may not like us like we presumed. What is the truth of change? Who are we truly when those people who change may discard us for other “better cool people”.

We replace them and we are force to change the course of our daily living to continue living our daily lives because it’s destiny that we should continue moving on even if it is difficult that we have to change to grow in our living space we call humanity.


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