Teedra Moses In Toronto May 10th Performance

As I arrived, the show did not start until really late. I waited in line for a bit to get in.

The show started off later in the night. It kicked off first with just the DJs playing some tunes, then with a local artist named Leila Dey who opened for her. She performed a dedication to Teedra Moses “Backstroke” & later did her own original music.

The DJs were on deck after her performance with some more music from DJ MENSA and DJ Agile.

After a few DJ songs, they intro Teedra Moses and she came on stage.

She danced on stage for a bit, before and after her performances of her songs.

She performed a little Intro: I Need To Get Away, Get Away From Here… (informed that it was part of that Amsterdam song she did with Rick Ross from one of her fans)

Her performance was amazing here in Toronto, hearing her on CD doesn’t do her justice at all.

She performed Backstroke, parts of All I Ever Wanted, Take Me, R U 4 Real, No More Tears, Complex Simplicity, Caught Up, You’ll Never Find, her massive hit Be Your Girl, danced and partially sang along with Put It In The Wind, Loves Gonna Be Here, Rain Drops, Everybody Rock!!!! as intermission.

I love her vocal talent live better than studio stuff. What really caught my attention is the LIVE performance of Take Me (which was part of her 2004 Complex Simplicity album which featured Raphael Saddiq).

If she ever came back to Toronto ever again – I’m in. Worth every dollar and every moment she came here. She rocked the stage like a true professional!

Thank you The Main Ingredient, Canadian Music Week and especially Teedra Moses for coming through to Toronto. I appreciate it so much to finally see you live in person. Come through again – I hope to see her perform live! Thanks to Team Teedra London on Twitter for showing me so much love to and now Jay Jay as well. See you all online and website feeds.

Oh for videos of Teedra Moses performances hit up SJSCHRONICLES on YouTube.come

Yours Truly,




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