In that moment

You got me caught up in that moment,
May be I had too much to drink,
But I know deep within,
I know my subconscious,
Wants to experience a moment with you.

I just want to feel,
I want to experience,
What a moment would be with you,
Just in this time frame.

I keep picturing in my mind,
For a moment what this may feel like with you,
In this time frame,
I have with you,
I keep having this vision,
At night,
What I couldn’t do then,
Than what I could do now,
To you.

In that moment,
I felt everything,
Lose all senses and all control with you,
Because I’ve always wondered.

Now that in this moment,
That is here,
We experience what it feels like,
To get into every part of your soul,
Your feeling to be in part with all of you.

Now you want that moment back,
Over and over again,
I know that in that moment,
It’s something you and I want,
To experience,
Repeatedly and it’s so hard to let go,
When it feels so right,
You want to keep going back,
For more.

So in that moment,
Can be more moments,
Of deep emotions,
That you grip on,
To wanting to feel,
More moments,
That it makes it easier to sleep at night,
The next time that moment arises,
You won’t be able to let go of it.


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