Do I Know You? (From Somewhere)

    I get this a lot over the years. I get mistaken for everyone, but myself. 

    I find this really amusing that my identity isn’t my identity. I find myself where a lot of individuals have recognized me but it isn’t me. Who do I get? 

     Well, that depends who you ask. I get multiple of people. I have gotten mistaken for people multiple of times like my cousin Stephanie and my co-worker at my work. More recently: a Yoga and fitness instructor, some one who worked at a home site here in Pickering, a student that went to St. Mary’s High School here in Pickering, getting mistaken looking sort of like former Asian TV/Radio host, A dancer from the Philippino show on GMA TV called Eat Bulaga. 

    It is real interesting though I have seen people that look like me. One of them happened to be a Filippino Porn Actress. Just happen to see how talented she is by putting herself out there like that, I happen to see it when I didn’t have anything else to watch one night.

    However, though recently not to sound like I’m being conceited my Twitter and YouTube page – I thought that would get me noticed on the streets everywhere. It seems more like in the States when I Tweet via WIFI, I get a lot of Americans smile and say Hello to me. I get humbled and I am appreciative that you follow me and say Hello. Where I work though in the retail business is where I get recognized because I am there constantly.

    What catches me though when Much (Music) was at its height when Much On Demand was huge, I’d get fans who are fans of artists would help me out with their fan bases to get the autographs I needed and vice versa. When fans ask me that they had recognized when I was there was a honour for me that the stuff they were trying to sign to give to the artist they love to sign their book to give to the artist (Evanescence). I even got honoured when fan bases and artists themselves in recent years have messaged me and follow me on Twitter. I feel blessed and real appreciative. Even though I may not have a lot of followers there, I am appreciate though who is following and now the expansion isn’t just entertainers but TV Hosts, writers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, A few Canadian TV/Movie Actors, etc. 

    I enjoy though that being a audience member on TV would get two people to recognized me when I appeared on The Social on CTV where I worked. That is real interesting and fun to find out the episode I was on was last year. I haven’t been able to be on since then. That episode was when Melissa Grelo announces her pregnancy on the show. That I’m humbled by and may be everyone seems to be pissed off or just possibly disgruntled a bit, i’m not sure though. I hope that people don’t hate or just despise me down the line. It depends where this may take me.

We will see, how others may take it. 

Getting to know me or asking me of recognition is really amazing and flattering. 


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