Not Just A Supporter

  People think I just support artists and I just have random followers over on my Twitter account. 

  Well that is not the case. I actually make a effort to write here on my WordPress account. I don’t think a lot of people have formerly known under different and many screen names I was out there online for a decade + but with getting older, I had to get a real job, which I currently do in the retail business. I think most people think that I just support musicians, but my genre has grown bigger than that. I started with posting poetry online and then through a few books. Now I can say I’m proud to be part of the WPaD group of established writers out there in a book. 

  However, I’m still working on getting a lot of things right with the post and although I am not consistent with my video post. I’m more of a writer than visual. If you really know what is up with me besides just supporting the dreams of artists – I’m trying to get some recognition myself.  

  I’m not trying to let get my ego in my way, but sometimes it’s hard. I try to stay grounded though. Sometimes you just want to have your ego and your pride take over because you feel established. The truth is that I’ve come far and although some people may think that is a accomplishment. I still have a long way to grow in this social media status. To be honest that isn’t my bigger goal though just be a fan supporter but get some recognition on where I started. I’m humbled though by getting  some recognition online and the expansion by it. I hope that my future in my poetry and video blogging gets me somewhere eventually. It’s a lot of patience which I have majority of the time, although it can give me a headache. My goal though is to get out of debt, my health, have a decent place to live and eat; as well as, make something out of myself. I hope that it comes true. I mean it is true what they say success doesn’t come overnight. It’s pure luck, ambition, patience and believing things are possible. Sometimes you push what you think onto others and everyone just gets hostile or jealous without spitting any words towards you. Just watch someone when you tell that you are working hard to get somewhere and watch their body language and facial expression.   

   Then, you truly know how they really feel about you. If they hate it – well that’s them and you shouldn’t let that get in your way in your dreams. 

  Doing things independently is real hard on your own than having a whole team behind you. But the reward at the end of it all, is satisfying and then you move onto the next one. 

  Support each others dreams to reach higher what ever you do.


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