Some Days

It feels like I don’t know you anymore
A stranger in my presence
Standing here in front of me
Some days you are around me
And I wonder, who are you really?
I thought I knew who you are.

You seem so distant,
Stressed, self-centred and just a little selfish,
I thought I might of know who you are,
It looks like I don’t.

I appreciated the times we had with each other,
Some days when we hang out,
But may be it’s the days I ignore you,
And it seems that you have lost interest in me,
May be it seems that professionally,
You’d leave me out,
Because I may seem different from you.

Some days I wonder who you are truly,
Don’t ever look it in a negative way,
I know at the end of the day,
I know you are strong, self-efficient and strong minded.
By your personality that puts a strangle hold,
On who you truly want to be,
I’m not sure,
If you respect me as much as I thought you did.

You’re different,
You’re unique,
I guess I have to live that,
You’re not always going to respect me as a person.

I’m forced some days I’m going to have to live with that.


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