Dream Moment Rush

What does this dream mean?

This morning rush I had you suddenly in my mind.

I was wondering what this meant,

I had flashbacks of you suddenly rush back to me,

I don’t get it.

I don’t really miss you like that anymore.

Is my subconsciousness trying to tell me something?

I dreamed about your sense,

Your touch,

Your feel,

Your sensibility.

I don’t know why? 

But part of me internally wishes you were here.

You were a rush,

In my mind and in my dreams,

Your scent and your feel haunted me,

Last night,

That made me rush right up out of bed this morning,

So the intensity would motivate me to do something great today.

Why you? I don’t know why,

You were in my dreams subconsciously,

I can’t explain the feeling you gave me a boost rush to not end,

This dream completely.


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