What is with the attitude issues today?

OK, well. Today is gorgeous. So I don’t get it with the attitude behavior today. So after hearing some kind of crummy attitudes this moment with unnecessary commentary and yelling out of random comments made as well. I could only think oh man, what the fuck is up with today? It wasn’t enough that was going on today and that finished. Later in the afternoon, I decided to take my dog out for a walk in the neighborhood and my dog was sniffing the grass around this ladies property, but I think may be she just has issues with today as well, She was fixing her lawn and well told me “my dog sniffing the grass was OK with her” but then told me commentary in a mid tone which I won’t take offense to it “don’t let your dog pee on my grass because dog pee will kill my grass, please and thank you”.

LOL, seriously? What the heck? Now I know why dog’s don’t go out for walks too much these days because it’s people like that, care way too much of their property and seem a little selfish to maintain that if a dog pees on your lawn – that gives you the right to make comments like that. You could always fix it. Blah. There must be ways to love both. Now I know why I don’t see too many dogs go out for walks in neighbourhoods and rather go to the park, so people won’t be so insensitive to people like that. 

I don’t get why so many people get so insensitive to having animals around. It’s stupid and selfish. If nature calls with your pet, are you going to chase people off your lot? I’m sure certain people would, because they are so selfish with things, all that matters is THEM and no one else. 

May be I’ve learnt to build a tolerance to not try to be so selfish with a lot of things because in the end, things come and go, people come and go. People be who they want to be and sometimes we don’t even want to hear what others have to say because we let our ego’s get in the way of our own agenda’s. Sure that gets you far, but how far is too far before everyone’s sanity gets us lost and we don’t recognize ourselves anymore.

Have we become a society of insensitive, selfish, misfit and sarcastic people that we forget that along the way – we don’t know who we are anymore. We let things happen for a reason and sometimes that reason should be invalid and non-excusable personality.

Who are we really? Why does society treat others like this, why do we treat each other like this. What is the reason we do the things we do, well it’s human nature to be to have the feeling of the right to be cruel to one another and not care because they say “emotions get the better of us and makes us weak?”

I find we like to find the worse in people than the positive. I wish we learn to balance ourselves before we lose ourselves to our own selfish personality behaviors!!!!!


One thought on “What is with the attitude issues today?

  1. shawnestyles says:

    I see your point here. I let our dogs go on the boulevard because someone like this lady has no say. The boulevard is owned by the city (even though people are expected to maintain it). But it would make it uncomfortable to be confronted. So, yeah, stick to the boulevard.

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