Orphan Black Fan Fiction Written By SJ

Fan Fiction: The Problems of the truth of Illegal Genetics:

It was genetics by multiple split personalities that were born.

One woman came in for a session. Her name is Beth Childs.
After a traumatic situation with the investigation of the shooting of Maggie Chen. She went into a downward spiral of physiological disturbances.Arthur Bell notices her problems and has to sit in for sessions with her to see if she was eligible to continue to work as his partner, because he started noticing a lot of behavioural changes and he didn’t know why. The sessions that Art was sitting in, he started seeing that Beth Childs was break off into different personalities. When Art brings Beth in the a session she breaks down and becomes a real vulnerable snob telling the shrink that she was Rachel Duncan and told Art to go away and leave her be because she doesn’t need to be baby sat and becomes bossy by telling him what to do and then the next moment suddenly she becomes Helena then violently breaking out of control. Looking very dismal and uncontrolled person she starts knocking things around and asking the shrink for food and alcohol. She starts screaming like a bat shit crazy woman she runs around. The shrink gets scared and calls the guards to stabilize her. Art gets taken back by his partners sudden break down and craziness but tells the shrink that may be should order food before you call the guards in to keep her sane. So he thinks of all the food that he could possibly think that “Helena” may like and it calms her down. Then when she gets busy eating the Shrinks guards come in and handle her to the sane ward. The psychologists says that Beth has to be controlled and that out burst was nothing he had ever seen in a session he had been involved in. So they send her away for Art’s safety.

About a week later Art visits the psychological ward and everything seems fine but the doctors there says that she wasn’t violent but was totally opposite with the right medication after her break down. She was assigned by a man named Dr. Leekie and says that she suddenly was more controlled and saw improvement but he did warn him that she wasn’t ready to be out in the Police Force. Dr. Leekie says that she started acting a little more mature and rambling about science she says that the voices told her that Rachel and Helena were insane characters that wanted to take over her ability to be human. She suddenly started rambling about science and was telling Dr. Leekie her name was Cosima. That she was really smart and intelligent. She asked Dr. Leekie if she could be released. He explained not quite yet. We cannot release you unless you tell me and your shrink what really happened to you that day Maggie Chen your connection to finding some secrets that you discovered that day. She refused and turned to someone else in a moment. She suddenly became quiet. She then spoke in a British accent and became a little violent and says NO by refusing to say anything further and stares blankly at Art. Art gets stunned by this and was what the heck was happening to Beth and decides to delve into the case that caused her to be unstable and how Maggie Chen died.

In about a month trying to piece things together she discovers that Maggie Chen and Beth discovered a underground ring of illegal creation of human beings. It got Maggie Chen killed and Beth emotionally drained trying to expose the truth of what humans were doing in the name of science. These people get rid of Beth but she ran and hid for a while days before coming back to the police station and back to being Art’s partner without saying anything else. Then the situation of her broken behaviour later develops by Art noticing that Beth wasn’t herself and that is where she ends up.

She gets later cleared when she confesses to Dr. Leekie and her shrink what really happened to her when she and Maggie Chen tried to stop scientists from creating illegal humans. That made her feel good. She had to later go into protective custody because the scientists who were trying to kill her and Art had to be assigned by a new partner until the whole issue was resolved eventually by Beth helping the FBI take down illegal genetics.


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