It has been awhile since I’ve been here

Welcome to 2015. I have not been on here for awhile. I see that I have progressed with new viewers just recently with it seems slowly growing 23 Followers. Sorry I haven’t been on here so often but I will re-link and refurbish any future post. You can always contact me on Twitter at SJRepsU and my YouTube page: SJsChronicles. I have been trying to put somethings together for being a official On-Line personality and send it off to a agency. I am working on it while trying to put my open speech to intro myself besides being a blogger/vlogger.

So stay tune fellow WordPress people I am working on many things on my own. It would be about a week or two to get things running properly. So much footage – shitty editing process but I am working on it.

So hang on and tune in EVERYWHERE. I am directing, producing everything myself. So hang tight and I hope things go well.


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