The Best Things and Worst Things About Canada From My Perspective

Well, in light of viewing things on the internet I have see that most websites have fandomnomics or list of what they write about things they have seen on the internet. It seems everyone is doing these list on social media sites from Tumblr, Buzzfeed, and other journalistic to online based websites of opinions.
So I thought well hey I thought why not give it a shot.

The Best Things and Worst Things About Canada (from my perspective)

The Best Things about Canada

  • We create a lot of amazing TV and web series shows that other countries & fans love and adore. They cannot stop talking about us and it seems that other countries like our creative process and just love shooting shows here. Fans from all over the world wish they can live here so well… let’s just say they can stalk their favourite Canadian entertainers
  • Movies seems to be a popular thing to make us look like our American counterparts. It isn’t that expensive to film a movie here and it is easy to have a movie look like other American cities.
  • The health care system isn’t expensive for admission compared to our American counterparts
  • We have convenient transportations (ok, well most of the time minus the delays)
  • A lot of American entertainers love our country for our politeness and fan dedications (although sometimes it can be creepy how certain fans know too much to track down famous people in there private stays here in Canada)
  • I would like to say that we are very polite and friendly people. So I hear from everyone who visits here from other countries
  • The community of the arts program may be small here but everyone knows some one from somewhere.
  • Our freedom of expression isn’t limited or criticized.
  • Education is key (although it is very expensive)
  • We are a multi-cultural city with different nationalities living in and around our cities
  • Our government is (mostly) welcomed in other countries
  • Our politicians seems to get attention worldwide
  • Every holiday is a special holiday here… how many special days do we cater to every culture we have here. A lot (family day, etc.)
  • We celebrate our soldiers with honours and salutes because they are all family to us.
  • Our interesting weather dilemmas and system (we get almost every weather anomaly)
  • Same sex marriage is excepted
  • We don’t care who you love as long as you are a happy person
  • Marijuana people and users seem to be everywhere
  • People who you wouldn’t think that are Canadian actually are. You’d be surprised they have family here.
  • Most sports were developed here although we gave our rights to our creations here to make money in the States because there was no funding to support its originality here.
  • Finally banning smoking. My lungs will feel cleaner when I go to a bar and restaurant without the need to cough
  • Our police and special forces aren’t as harden as our American counter parts

The Worst Things About Canada

  • Our Taxes
  • The cost of living is too high
  • Our politicians who spent too much money and are now in deficit in so much debt
  • Our debt (we spent too much in the last decade and now we are paying for it)
  • Not enough money to earn to live
  • Hard to find a second job or two to meet ends meet
  • Traffic gridlock and construction season always comes at a worst time
  • Our transit system and fares (holy fuck it is too expensive to ride transit and fares just keep rising. Seriously I don’t like the TTC but I appreciate the whole Presto GO pass idea)
  • Graduating school and finding a proper job. Some people are lucky and some of us fall at the waste side
  • Employers being really picky on who they pick. (I have to say I am wise and have a lot of street smarts but that isn’t what employers want; they want educated technical people. Oh man…. )
  • Hiding criminals here
  • Having illegal immigrants (although that is changing systematically)
  • Finding a proper job
  • Having to leave Canada to other countries for employment
  • Not taking care of our environment
  • Homeless people & homeless shelters (have you seen those homeless shelters, sometimes they aren’t as safe as news reports would like to report) (I would know I got to volunteer at a few for school credits)
  • Food banks (not enough food is delivered or donated)
  • Bullying (it seems now we have taken real bullying and cowardly doing it though the internet)
  • Charities have suffered here greatly in the last decades (no funding and support from our government due to our deficit)
  • The suicide rate has increased due to many factors like bullying, depression, etc.
  • Our prohibition on liquor places and bars not all staying up to late like our American counterparts
  • Not taking proper care of our elderly, aboriginal and soldiers most of the time
  • The news reports of in accuracy at times about details what should and shouldn’t be reported importantly.
  • Our social media sharing can get out of hand most of the time and can be used against us sometimes of what we posts
  • The suffering of our businesses because of higher taxes and prices for essentials
  • Justin Bieber (I’m not apologizing for putting this on my list because I never like him and don’t like his behaviour for giving us Canadians some bad press)
  • Our jail system
  • Our financial portfolio’s aren’t as great as our American counterparts but then again the job rates between us and them are almost just as bad as one another

For the list of things this is all I can think of off the top of my head. So there you have it, opinion wise what I think of our lovely Canadian society. Hey you can disagree to agree or vice versa.


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