Fandom Recommendations: State Of Affairs

Well if you haven’t seen this show. YOU SHOULD! I never seen it before, I just happened to see it because my other show was a repeat, Castle. However Monday nights at 10pm I would switch my TV viewing to this show. I had no idea that the cast of this show is amazing. Lead actress Alfre Woodard and Katherine Heigl carry the show exceptionally with a strong cast of characters. 

The show is about having a strong African Female President who has a CIA Officer become her daily debriefer. Things do get complicated because there are so many interesting things that happen between the CIA and the interaction of the Female President, who run the country from the most critical threats. There is some interesting plots a long the way with the operatives in the field and  in the CIA offices. The last episode had operatives in Mindanao, Philippines and the the threats of violence between there and American deaths by brain washing Americans to carry bomb attacks and deaths world wide. It is what is happening now, currently in the North America right now.

So this show is amazing in so many terms because having Katherine Heigl, Alfre Woodard and Andy Kaufman as the show runners, there is drama and interesting story lines. I hope they don’t cancel this show because although there may be similar ones like this show. I appreciate all the talent that NBC has behind this series. Having a strong actress like Alfre Woodard who I have seen many times in many movies in my child hood years as a lead actress who plays a strong character and the president of the United States, shows how strong her talent is a long time actress.

I hope that they do not cancel this show because I feel their is some weight with the series with a talented seasoned actors and actresses in my own opinion who have been in various projects, but this one in my opinion – is like no other.


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