Inspiration: Leonard Nimoy

Where do I begin?

Well I would like to say: Thank you Leonard Nimoy.

You will be missed. Your character Spock has inspired all Geeks, Nerds, Fans, Star Trek fans for generations.

The truth is truly out there. I really got into Star Trek because of your character Spock, although it aired before I was born, I am glad they re-aired it later as I was growing up. Star Trek: The Next Generation was my era but I have to hand it to you. Spock was the most wisest character I have seen on TV in watching TV for decades. I wanted to learn how you did that symbol of that Vulcan symbol of Live Long and Prosper about the age of 11 years old. I was always fascinated by your character because he was wise before his time and smart too. That is why I started watching smarter and intriguing science fiction shows in Grade 4 because you inspired me to be wiser than my age. You were the original of inspiration to science fiction drama and shows now that are now popular. You pave the way in my opinion to have shows that are smarter and intelligent. I say Star Trek paved the way for decades of different genres of shows including space series and our fascination of “finding new worlds and civilizations”.

Thank you Spock, Thank you Mr. Nimoy. I never got a chance to meet you in person but writing this blog feels like my dedication to you and what you have contributed to science fiction, acting and directing.

R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy. “Live Long and Prosper” because that is what your legacy has taught us all. Well to me this is why I enjoy science fiction shows and genres so much. It started all with you.

Thank you sir.

star trek symbol

=Vulcan Dedication

Trek Dedication


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