The Beginning of A New Life and Challenge (The Laura Hollis Edition: Poetry Format 1)

As I entered these halls on my first day

Getting out of the rural town that I lived in

To join a school and learn how to live on my own

Felt refreshing, hello big world, I’m Laura Hollis.

I don’t know much but I am hear to learn and live life on my own

Without my dad feeling too worried what may happen to me

I didn’t know much about this school but I knew I was hear to learn

Call me a book worm, rational person of things and a journalistic vlogger.

I felt that I had to document things, because that was the rational parts of me to keep me sane

And intact with what I knew that could keep me safe.

That is how I knew how to run my life in my own personal space

They gave me a room mate and her name was Betty

After the two days I arrived in my dorm room.

But I knew that bubble was about to burst

After a few days of noticing some strange occurrences

Around me about the rumors I had heard about the campus

How strange this place may have been

But that didn’t matter to me because I knew I had to focus on my major

And I couldn’t let these strange occurrences and rumors happen to me

That is until a few weeks later when….

Part 2 Coming Soon….


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