We can be heroes: Kato came back for a brief moment – Sam Maggs Edition

Bringing Fan Girls & Fan Women together.
Bringing Fan Girls & Fan Women together.

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Well that was a eventful Sunday. After the Bitten panel I went to take pictures with the Executive Producer J.B. Sugar and writer Daegan F. It was a awesome day. A day earlier I found out that Sam Maggs needed a few volunteers for her book trailer. I really didn’t know the details on that Saturday what it was about. I overheard that one of the Clones I was with was mentioning it to another girl and I thought that would be interesting. I asked, Sam later that day about the details through Twitter and she gave me the link. I thought this would be a great experience to see what it would be like to be part of a casting call because it had always interested me. Not only that, I had heard of Sam Maggs name before through the Cons I previously went to from people. That is before I knew who she is currently dating. That doesn’t really matter who though in this part of the blog. I was intrigued by her because it seemed she knew a lot of people. I wanted to meet her, but never knew how. In my opinion, it would be a honour to meet her in person. A couple of years later, I heard that Ms. Maggs was a finalist in the Cineplex Odeon pre-screen contest, I voted for her immediately. I didn’t even second guess who my vote(s) were going for. About the same time last year when I heard she won, I reached out to her by her Twitter page by looking her up and congratulated her when I found out she won. From what my memory serves me I think she favoured that tweet. I really appreciated that because in the Con/Cosplay society she is respected, from my standpoint and understanding. I was honoured and humbled by getting respect from her.

I later discovered that Ms. Maggs was creating a book (which is now finished and the releasing May 12, 2015) The Fan Girl’s Guide To The Galaxy. I thought make that two books that I can relate to.  Being a fan girl/woman for a decade I thought at least there are books about Fans and Fandoms in a positive light for representation in book format because there isn’t many books out there that put fans in a positive stance. FINALLY SOMETHING to read about Fans and their effect to the galaxy.


Thank you Sam Maggs for creating a book like this. I guess I cannot say it enough times.

I have to say when I found out that you had a Open Casting call for your Trailer, I thought, I am in! I want to go. Thanks for having that. It brought out the Kato back. I haven’t worn that costume in 2 years. Even though I haven’t worn that costume in awhile at least one girl recognized it and said “Oh, your Kato, The Bruce Lee version”, I said “yeah, how did you know and thanks for that because a lot of people don’t know that”. I was super appreciative that even though I let go of that costume awhile, it is still one of the most recognized and respected costumes around.

Well, I have to say, thanks for being a amazing person Sam Maggs and I cannot wait for the book release and thanks for these pics. Keep up the amazing work and see you on the worldwide web. You are a superhero and fan woman in life and it is people like you that makes me appreciate me living the fandom life constantly. Thank you and see you May 12th.


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