The History of being Kato

Well I guess you can say I dawned Kato I believed which was 2011. It didn’t really get too much attention until the following year when a fellow blogger named Plafulkatt,  wrote a story about my kind hospitality for me giving my ticket away to a huge fan of Criminal Minds to her because she was a huge fan and drew art work for Matthew Grey Grubler on her blog when I got the most attention.

I have to say it was the most interesting things that happened to me as a following year during that time. Walking down the street as Kato, I appreciate that people took a lot interest by Kato and I really appreciate that I am channelling the original which was played by the late great Bruce Lee. Not a lot of people know that, but at least enough people know before the remake was done people knew.

I know there are a lot of pics with Kato over the last few years. I have a few on file.

Everyone has pics of it. Thanks for the love of me being Kato over the years.

kato and aj fry Kato 2012 Toronto Events DSC01439 DSC01440


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