Flare Magazine: Clone cover with Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black

IMG_0353 DSC01388

I had to pick up the cover of the lead actress star of Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany on Flare Magazine. I couldn’t help it. It is almost the return of Orphan Black and I saw posts of it, that I couldn’t help to get my own copy. Ms. Maslany and the two alternate covers attached to it. The article is very informative on how TatMas has to play multiple clones and the technicality it takes to play them. It also describes how the return has all the Clone Club and Clonesbians have a huge effect on the world wide web when we feel like she has been robbed for special awards. I quote though that she says “she never wanted to chase fame…” I think she was lucky and fortunate with her amazing role. Let’s just say before the show really got popular. I knew that it would be huge, when a lot of people were in doubt. The first season of Orphan Black and I saw Jordan Garvais, Kevin Hanchard and John Fawcett. I believe Dylan Bruce was there as well. I knew that they had a HUGE HIT on their hands. Although no one really knew it at the time. Now, Tatiana Maslany has a third season to Orphan Black and with the huge mass of fans called Clone Club and Clonesbians backing the project; it has been a huge success everywhere in Asia and Europe, etc. ¬†besides the North American landscapes – we see the huge respect and demand from BBC America and Temple Street who launched the program in 2013 it has grown to exponential rate. We see all the Clones grow up and the characters who are also in the series. We see them grow.

Now with Ari Millen being the new members of clones, we will see the clash of Project Leda and Project Castor clash. Unlike Project Leda not knowing each other until later episodes. Project Castor clones knew each other and are very self aware what is happening in each others lives. We see War for Season 3. I think it will be explosive and unpredictable.

That is why for those who haven’t seen the first two seasons should play catch up now.

From your girl who LOVES Orphan Black and will be binge watching it before the new season begins April 18th.



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